National Institute on Aging
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Research Information

Research Programs (Extramural)

Research programs supported by NIA, including studies on the mechanisms of aging, the processes of aging, aging and the nervous system, and aging in relation to health and disease. NIA supports four extramural research programs:   

Research at NIA (Intramural)

Laboratory and clinical research conducted at the Gerontology Research Center and at NIA facilities in Bethesda, MD.   

Conferences, Workshops, and Meetings

Materials such as reports, papers, and agendas from NIA conferences, workshops, and meetings dating back to 1999.  

Scientific Resources

Information about testing resources provided by the NIA for conducting research on aging. Resources available include nonhuman primates, rodents, and human biospecimen collections.  

Health Disparities Toolbox

Health Disparities Resource Persons Network, Reports, Publications, and Other Resources to assist NIA’s constituency with technical and capacity-building enterprises in support and conduct of research relevant to minority and health disparity population groups.  

Clinical Research Study Investigator's Toolbox

The purpose of the NIA Clinical Research Toolbox is to provide a Web-based information repository for investigators and staff involved in clinical research. The Toolbox contains templates, sample forms, guidelines, regulations and information materials to assist investigators in the development and conduct of high quality clinical research studies.