Mobile Operations Capability Guide for Emergency Managers and Planners

Multi Radio Vehicle Disasters may require resources beyond the capabilities of the local or State authorities.

In response to Regional requests for support, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) provides mobile telecommunications, operational support, life support, and power generation assets for the on-site management of disaster and all-hazard activities. This support is managed by the Response and Recovery Directorate's Mobile Operations Division (RR-MO).

The Mobile Operations Division has a small headquarters staff and five geographically dispersed Mobile Emergency Response Support (MERS) Detachments and the Mobile Air Transportable Telecommunications System (MATTS) to:

The MERS and MATTS support the Disaster Field Facilities. They support the Federal, State, and Local responders - not the disaster victims.

This guide describes what telecommunications, logistics, and operational support are available, where they are located, how to obtain them, and what factors need to be considered.

Last Modified: Friday, 21-Apr-2006 16:43:44 EDT