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[Barbara McClintock in lab]. 26 March 1947. Biomedical Research
Christian B. Anfinsen | Oswald T. Avery | Julius Axelrod | Paul Berg | Francis Crick | Rosalind Franklin | Donald S. Fredrickson | Michael Heidelberger | Arthur Kornberg | Joshua Lederberg | Salvador E. Luria | Barbara McClintock | Victor A. McKusick | Marshall W. Nirenberg | Linus Pauling | Martin Rodbell | Florence R. Sabin | Maxine Singer | Sol Spiegelman | Albert Szent-Gyorgyi | Harold Varmus

The needs of medicine have inspired much of the progress in the biological sciences during the twentieth century. In turn, many advances in pure science have quickly been harnessed toward understanding, preventing and treating human disease. Molecular biology, the understanding of how life works at the most basic level, has enabled researchers to learn about how organisms function and malfunction. The recent sequencing of the human genome is providing an explosion of new information, the impact of which is just beginning to be felt, but which is expected to revolutionize both scientific research and clinical practice.

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