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The mission of the NIEHS is to reduce the burden of human illness and disability by understanding how the environment influences the development and progression of human disease.
  • Parkinson's Disease and Residential Exposure to Maneb and Paraquat from Agricultural Applications in the Central Valley of California [Abstract] Exit NIEHS Website [Synopsis] Costello S, Cockburn M, Bronstein J, Zhang X, Ritz B. April 2009
  • Obesity and Weight Gain in Adulthood and Telomere Length [Abstract] Exit NIEHS Website [Synopsis] Kim S, Parks CG, DeRoo LA, Chen H, Taylor JA, Cawthon RM, Sandler DP. March 2009
  • Exposure to Mouse Allergen in U.S. Homes Associated with Asthma Symptoms [Abstract] Exit NIEHS Website [Synopsis] Salo PM, Jaramillo R, Cohn RD, London SJ, Zeldin DC. March 2009
  • Brightly Fluorescent Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes Via an Oxygen-Excluding Surfactant Organization [Abstract] Exit NIEHS Website [Synopsis] Ju SY, Kopcha WP, Papadimitrakopoulos F. March 2009
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