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National Procurement Fraud Task Force

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02/27/2009 - Paper outlines practical steps to improve contracting

02/26/2009 - Government continues to provide unethical contractors with work, GAO saysNEW

02/26/2009 - N.J. Electrical Company Employee Pleads Guilty to Defrauding the Environmental Protection Agency at Superfund SiteNEW

02/24/2009 - Theft and corruption Scheme Draws TermNEW

02/23/2009 - Watchdogs applaud Obama's pick to oversee stimulus

02/22/2009 - CID races to catch up with greedy contractorsNEW

02/20/2009 - Progress mixed on naming officials to oversee stimulus spending

02/12/2009 - Law requires IG, Contracting Officer Involvement

02/12/2009 - Acquisition Lawyers say Mandatory Disclosure Rule is Opaque

02/06/2009 - The Demise of the U.N. Procurement Task Force Threatens Oversight at the U.N.

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