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This section is divided into two parts:
General Schedule Occupational Groups and Series defines the occupations and lists their series names and codes used in classifying white collar jobs in the Federal Government.
Federal Wage System Job Families and Occupations defines the occupations and lists their occupation names and codes used in grading trades and labor jobs.

General Schedule Occupational Groups and Series
0000 Miscellaneous Occupations 
0100 Social Science, Psychology, And Welfare 
0200 Human Resources Management 
0300 General Administrative, Clerical, And Office Services 
0400 Biological Sciences 
0500 Accounting And Budget 
0600 Medical, Hospital, Dental, And Public Health 
0700 Veterinary Medical Science 
0800 Engineering And Architecture 
0900 Legal And Kindred 
1000 Information And Arts 
1100 Business And Industry 
1300 Physical Sciences 
1400 Library And Archives 
1500 Mathematics And Statistics 
1600 Equipment, Facilities, And Services 
1700 Education 
1800 Investigation 
1900 Quality Assurance, Inspection, And Grading 
2000 Supply 
2100 Transportation 
2200 Information Technology 
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Federal Wage System Job Families and Occupations
2500 Wire Communications Equipment Installation And Maintenance 
2600 Electronic Communications Equipment Installation & Maintenance 
2800 Electrical Installation And Maintenance 
3100 Fabric And Leather Work 
3300 Instrument Work 
3400 Machine Tool Work 
3500 General Services And Support Work 
3600 Structural And Finishing Work 
3700 Metal Processing 
3800 Metal Work 
3900 Motion Picture, Radio, TV, And Sound Equipment Operation 
4100 Painting And Paperhanging 
4200 Plumbing And Pipefitting 
4300 Pliable Materials Work 
4400 Printing 
4600 Wood Work 
4700 General Maintenance And Operations Work 
4800 General Equipment Maintenance 
5000 Plant And Animal Work 
5200 Miscellaneous Occupations 
5300 Industrial Equipment Maintenance 
5400 Industrial Equipment Operation 
5700 Transportation/Mobile Equipment Operation 
5800 Transportation/Mobile Equipment Maintenance 
6500 Ammunition, Explosives, And Toxic Materials Work 
6600 Armament Work 
6900 Warehousing And Stock Handling 
7000 Packing And Processing 
7300 Laundry, Dry Cleaning, And Pressing 
7400 Food Preparation And Serving 
8200 Fluid Systems Maintenance 
8600 Engine Overhaul 
8800 Aircraft Overhaul 
9000 Film Processing 
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