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Senior Executives administer public programs at the top levels of the Federal Government.
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  • A current SES member.
  • A former career SES appointee who is eligible for career reinstatement in the SES.
  • A graduate of, or a person currently enrolled in, an OPM-approved Federal agency SES Candidate Development Plan, which requires Qualifications Review Board certification.
  • A current GS-14 or 15 Federal Employee, or government or private sector equivalent.

NOTE: Veterans' preference does not apply in announcements for SES positions.

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Featured Job
>> NIH/NEI Health Scientist Administrator
The Nat'l Eye Institute is seeking a talented individual experienced in administering a comprehensive research program.
The Nat'l Eye Institute
Featured Employer
>> Congressional Research Service
The public policy research arm of the U.S. Congress seeks senior manager to lead its Government and Finance Division
Congressional Research Service
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