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"We are a nonprofit volunteer-based Wellness Center for low-income individuals and communities. Both times I called concerning the registration process, the staff was very knowledgeable and worked very efficiently. The whole process can feel confusing and overwhelming and this support made all the difference. Additionally, the caring attitudes of the staff were a blessing beyond the practical necessities around getting registered. Your quality of service is an inspiration to me. Thanks so much!""
Laura Donham
Lokahi BodyWorks, Inc.

"Because South Dakotans expect an especially high degree of service from their elected officials, Senator Johnson works hard to seek out any and all federal funding sources that may help to meet the needs and priorities of his constituents. In the time I have assisted the Senator with this task, I have found to be a truly indispensable tool."
Matt Varilek, Economic Development Director
Office of Senator Tim Johnson (D-SD)

"With literally thousands of non-profits in Northern Virginia, I'm often asked where people can go to get the necessary federal grant money. The resource I always mention first is Their capable staff, extensive knowledge of the grants process and ability to match worthy organizations with federal grants is unparalleled. They should be the first stop for every non-profit financial officer."
Congressman James P. Moran
Virginia - District 08

"The Department of Education has been actively working with for over two years. We are pleased to see how far has come in a short time toward reaching the goal of having one common place for applicants to find and apply for federal grants. We look forward to continuing our work with in the coming years to help make that goal a reality for our customers."
Danny Harris, Deputy CFO
Department of Education

"This electronic application process is clearly how government will do business in the future and I'm proud HUD is leading the way. While we're already seeing the tremendous benefits of e-government, we are also continuing to work with the team to reach out to the small number of applicants experiencing difficulty adjusting to this new way of doing business so they have the greatest possible opportunity to access funding."
Alphonso Jackson, Secretary
Department of Housing and Urban Development

"Thanks to's excellent customer service our agency received, we had a great experience. We just received notification that we did receive our grant that we applied for using!"
Sherri Hunt, Director of Section 8 Operations
Norman Housing Authority

"We are excited about the advantages offers the Administration on Aging, as well as our grants applicants and plan to continue to encourage prospective applicants to use this important service."
John Wren, Administration on Aging
US Department of Health and Human Services

" is providing an invaluable service to small organizations. It will have the effect of opening opportunities for countless children to receive needed services."
Katie Moffet, The Center for School-Community Collaboration
Virginia Commonwealth University

"University researchers would rather spend more time conducting their research and less time pushing grant paperwork around or searching for the next funding opportunity. Now they can with one direct system-to-system interface to the federal government."
Jerry Stuck, Executive Director
Federal Demonstration Partnership

"MIT has just completed its work with the system-to-system interface and is ready to move to production. The reference implementation provided by the team was a great help in jumpstarting our software development and preparing for the production cut-over to utilize the system-to-system interface. Our departments are very excited about this new capability and think this will be a tremendous time saver as they get accustomed to submitting application via this new mechanism."
Stephen Dowdy, Assistant Director
Office of Sponsored Programs
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

" continues to be a capable resource for the Town of Lexington. We recently hired a new Grants Administrator and with the automatic notification and other great features of, he was able to be up to speed and researching new grant resources in a fraction of the time needed for the typical learning curve. Thank you for expanding the capabilities of this important program!"
Mary Louise Resch, Grants Administration/Media Relations
Town of Lexington, SC

"As a proposal writer, has shown me the wide variety of departments that provide funding applicable for a project a client is planning. We've always paid close attention to when funding is available from certain departments, but now we are paying attention to others also -- and having the notices emailed straight to us is wonderful."
Nora Palmatier, Program Planning and Proposal Writer

"In an era of economic downturns, deficits and reductions in funding available through state budget dollars, resources such as become even more critical in helping our community to maintain our quality of life without having to raise taxes."
Daniel P. Breazeale, Mayor
Town of Lexington, SC

"The grant submission interface with the federal government is greatly improved by The interface is simple to understand and use, and the electronic submission has brought significant reductions in submission costs - both in time and shipping."
Jane Lopez, Sponsored Research Administration
Virginia Institute of Marine Science

"The system-to-system implementation will help us work more efficiently. A higher proportion of the research dollars will be spent on actual research."
Kenneth Forstmeier, Director
Office of Research Information Systems
Penn State University

"We recently passed the deadline for our first competition using Grants.Gov and we were very impressed with the quality of the applications we received. We look forward to working with Grants.Gov over the coming year."
Brett Bobley, Chief Information Officer
National Endowment for the Humanities

"The greatest obstacles for county officials searching for federal grant opportunities are a lack of awareness of opportunities and a lack of staff with grant-writing skills. The need is obvious. This solution fits the need."
Larry Naake, Executive Director
National Association of Counties

"We are delighted to be part of a standard process that offers a unified common federal face to our applicant and grant recipient communities. It enables a higher degree of visibility for our programs across potential applicant communities."
Diana King, Computer Specialist/Project Leader
Administration of Children and Family
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

"HUD is embracing the electronic grants Find and Apply features of with gusto. We piloted our first application for Housing Counseling Training and found it much easier to process the applications and ensure the integrity of the process. With electronic application submission we know that all reviewers had the one authoritative copy of the application and we could transmit it to any reviewer regardless of location."
Barbara Dorf, Director, Office of Departmental Grants Management and Oversight
Department of Housing and Urban Development

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