Office of Thrift Supervision

Thrift Financial Reports

News and Filing Information - Report filing requirements, Filing Schedule, Electronic Filing System software, Financial Reporting Division staff contact information, current TFR Instruction Manual, and Q&As.

Report Forms and Bulletins - Quarterly Financial Reporting Bulletins and Forms for filing the TFR. 

Instructions and Q&As - The Thrift Financial Report Instruction Manual and a link to TFR Questions and Answers.

TFR Schedules and Their Public Availability

Branch Office Survey - Annual survey that contains deposit data and branch information as of June 30 for the branches and offices of OTS-regulated institutions. 

EFS Demo Release Info - The EFS Demo is now available for third parties to better understand current OTS regulatory reporting. 

TFR & Call Report Data - (Link to External Web Site) Updated quarterly, this FDIC site provides detailed information on all FDIC-insured institutions. Users can retrieve quarterly financial reports by financial institutions by quarter beginning in March 1998.

Thrift Quarterly Financial Information - (Link to External Web Site) Retrieve thrift's financial reports, as filed with the OTS, from March 2001 through the most recent quarter.

Find a Thrift - (Link to External Web Site) Search for individual thrifts and banks and/or typical listings of thrifts/banks, such as by asset size.

Find a Thrift Branch Office - (Link to External Web Site) Information on thrift/bank branch offices.

Create Peer Groups - (Link to External Web Site) Create custom peer groups to compare FDIC-insured institutions' financial condition and performance.

Users can also request information regarding OTS-regulated thrifts by filing a request under the Freedom of Information Act.

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