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Topic: diabetes (dm)
Title: What's New in Diabetes Care?.
Author: Rubin, R.R.
Source: Diabetes Wellness News. 13(4): 1-2. April 2007.
Availability: Available from Diabetes Wellness News. Subscription Office, PO Box 8337, Frederick, MD 20898-9905. Website: Price: Annual subscription: $24.00.
Abstract: This article briefly summarizes some new medications, new ways to deliver insulin, and new ways to monitor blood glucose levels for people with diabetes. The author discusses inhaled insulin, Exubera; two new injectable medications: Byetta and Symlin, which have effects in addition to lowering blood glucose levels, notably in reducing hunger and helping patients to lose weight; a new class of oral medications, the DPP–4 inhibitors: Januvia and Galvus, which lower blood glucose levels but also help control blood glucose levels after meals when they tend to be highest; the use of the oral medication Avandia to prevent or delay type 2 diabetes; the use of continuous blood glucose monitoring; and work on islet transplants. 1 figure.

Format: Journal Article
Language: English.
Major Keywords: Diabetes Mellitus. Insulin. Drug Therapy. Oral Hypoglycemic Agents. Blood Glucose. SMBG.
Minor Keywords: Drug Effects. Inhaled Insulin. Weight Loss. Postprandial Hyperglycemia. Islet Cells. Transplantation. Type 2 Diabetes.
Publication Number: DMJA12886.
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