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Use of Cookies or Bookmarks within Summary of Deposits

Use of Cookies
In order to use the Summary of Deposits system, you must have cookies enabled within your browser. The latest version of the Summary of Deposits System makes use of user "sessions". User sessions allow the system to "remember" your search selections and other required information as you navigate from page to page. That temporary information is stored at the FDIC and accessed by a random session name. In order to match the user with the correct temporary information, a small piece of data, the session name, is written to a cookie on your hard drive. Nothing is written to your registry. Your user session remains active only during the current browser session. Once your browser is closed, or after a period of inactivity, the session information is deleted.

Instructions on enabling cookies

Use of Bookmarks
Because of the use of "sessions", some areas of the Summary of Deposits system should not be bookmarked or added to your favorites in your browser. This is due to some required "sessions" are set prior to the bookmarked page and are dependent on them. In order to ensure that all required "sessions" are set within a process, it is recommended that report selection is started from the beginning of the reporting process.

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In addition, large and advanced queries may require an increased amount of disk cache space or working space.

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