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News Releases and Statements For 2003


December 2003

Dec. 10, 2003Combination, Order of Anti-HIV Drugs Make a Difference in First-time Recipients
Dec. 1, 2003Statement of Anthony S. Fauci, M.D., Director, NIAID on World AIDS Day

November 2003

Nov. 29, 2003Special Six-Part Series Commemorates World AIDS Day
Nov. 18, 2003NIAID Ebola Vaccine Enters Human Trial

October 2003

Oct. 15, 2003Statement of Anthony S. Fauci, M.D., Director, NIAID on National Latino AIDS Awareness Day,
Oct. 3, 2003NIAID Initiative Addresses Primary Immune Deficiency Diseases

September 2003

Sept. 30, 2003NIAID Funds Construction of Biosafety Laboratories
Sept. 29, 2003NIAID Awards $81 Million for HIV Vaccine Development
Sept. 29, 2003NIAID Reports ‘Tremendous Progress’ in Biodefense Research
Sept. 25, 2003NIH Awards $51 Million to Fight Autoimmune Diseases
Sept. 17, 2003$85 Million Awarded for Research on Human Immunity and Biodefense
Sept. 11, 2003Nevirapine Sustains Advantage Over AZT During Breastfeeding Period
Sept. 9, 2003NIAID Launches Malaria Vaccine Trial in Africa
Sept. 8, 2003NIAID Opens Innovative Treatment Study for West Nile Virus
Sept. 4, 2003HHS Announces New Regional Centers for Biodefense Research
Sept. 2, 2003Mouse Study Gives New View of Anthrax Toxin

August 2003

Aug. 28, 2003Subversive Strep Bug Strategy Revealed
Aug. 27, 2003Treatment Interruption Shows No Benefit in Drug-Resistant HIV Infection
Aug. 26, 2003First Relapsing Fever Outbreak in Montana Identified
Aug. 26, 2003NIAID’s Division of AIDS Fills Two Key Leadership Positions
Aug. 18, 2003Promising West Nile Virus Vaccine Protects Monkeys
Aug. 6, 2003Fast-Acting Ebola Vaccine Protects Monkeys

July 2003

July 20, 2003Single Protein is Key in Response to Bacterial, Viral Infections
July 14, 2003Revised Guidelines Will Ease Selection of HIV/AIDS Treatments

June 2003

June 26, 2003NIH News Release--Structure of HIV-Neutralizing Antibody Solved--06/26/2003
June 23, 2003NIAID Offers SARS Chip Free to Researchers
June 17, 2003Study Provides New Tool to Diagnose and Halt Aggressive Blood Disorder
June 15, 2003Enzyme May Play Unexpected Role in Asthma
June 11, 2003Antifungal Drug Helps Kids with Immune Disorder Avoid Hospitalization

May 2003

May 18, 2003Statement of Anthony S. Fauci, M.D., Director, NIAID on International HIV Vaccine Awareness Day
May 15, 2003Many Americans Think an HIV/AIDS Vaccine Already Exists

April 2003

April 30, 2003Anthrax Genome Decoded
April 17, 2003Key to Hepatitis Virus Persistence Found
April 17, 2003Sloppy Repair Helps TB Bug Resist Drugs
April 15, 2003Gene Variation in Immune System Cells Lowers Heart Disease Risk
April 14, 2003Genetic Blueprint for Q Fever Bacterium Unveiled

March 2003

March 31, 2003Discovery Lays Groundwork for Potential New Class of Anti-HIV Drugs
March 28, 2003Environmental Impact Statement Planned for NIH Laboratory at Fort Detrick
March 24, 2003Statement of Christine F. Sizemore, Ph.D., Barbara E. Laughon, Ph.D., and Anthony S. Fauci, M.D., Director, NIAID on World TB Day March 24, 2003

February 2003

Feb. 25, 2003HHS News: HHS Announces Contracts To Develop Safer Smallpox Vaccines
Feb. 7, 2003Statement of Anthony S. Fauci, M.D., Director, NIAID on National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

January 2003

Jan. 27, 2003Research Reveals How Strep Bacterium Evades Immune System
Jan. 24, 2003HHS News: HHS Secretary Names Five to NIAID Advisory Council
Jan. 10, 2003HHS News: HHS Announces Research Plan To Fight Autoimmune Diseases
Jan. 8, 2003Powerful Technologies Probe Innate Immunity


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