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Group Health Cooperative of Puget Sound


Group Health Cooperative is a consumer-governed, nonprofit health care system that coordinates care and coverage. Based in Seattle, Group Health and Group Health Options, Inc. serve more than 540,000 members in Washington and Idaho. Its Center for Health Studies has been able to study Group Health's member population over time. Center researchers have access to decades of high-quality, computerized data from the Group Health system. They also have access to information regarding diagnoses and medical history that's stored in non-computerized medical charts. The Center's medical record reviewers abstract data from 15,000 outpatient charts each year. To date, records-based studies with active Group Health members have achieved retrieval for 95 percent of all subjects. Information concerning the ability of outside researchers to use information in the Cooperative's databases was not available on the Web site.

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Cost/Cost Effectiveness

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12 May 2008
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