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Comparative Biology

Brown University Gene Networks in Peri-Pubertal Sertoli Cell Injury Hixon, M
Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Genetics of Individual Variation in Response to Radiation Exposure Cheung, VG
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute Rewiring Pathways and Networks by Environmental Perturbations Vidal, M
Duke University Cross-Species Analysis of Myocardial Susceptibility to Perioperative Stress Podgoreanu, M
Mount Desert Island Biological Laboratory Redox-Sensitive Developmental Pathways and Gene Regulatory Networks Coffman, JA
University of California Los Angeles Environmental Toxin Interactions with Genetic Risks for Parkinson’s Disease Krantz, David E
University of Massachusetts Amherst p53-Dependent Responses to Toxicants in Parous and Nulliparous Breast Jerry, J
University of Pennsylvania Comparative Biology Elucidation of Environmental Pathways and Susceptibility Lamitina, ST
University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio Astrocyte Control of Toxin-Mediated Neuron Death: Role of the Gamma-Glutamyl Path Henderson, G
University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center Identification of Common Pathways in Tumor Promotion DiGiovanni, J
University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center Comparative Mechanisms of Genomic Instability Vasquez, Karen M
University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center Dallas Universal Determinants of Alcohol-Induced Toxicity Abrams, JM

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