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Report to Nation Finds Declines in Cancer Incidence, Death Rates

Cancer Trends Progress Report: 2007 Update

Cancer Statistics Review, 1975-2005

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Funding Opportunities in Biostatistics
Provides information on funding opportunities, grant application information, and currently funded statistical grants within the Division of Cancer Control and Population Sciences.

Cancer Prevention Fellowship Program Preceptorships
The Biometry Research Group engages in independent and cooperative research studies on cancer epidemiology, prevention, screening, and diagnosis using methods of mathematical and analytic statistics, and conducts independent and collaborative studies in biostatistical and epidemiologic methodology and in mathematical modeling of processes relevant to cancer prevention activities.

Cancer Epidemiology and Genetics Fellowships
DCEG scientists conduct an international program of population-based studies to identify environmental and genetic determinants of cancer. In carrying out its mission, DCEG is at the cutting edge of approaches to unravel complex gene-environment and gene-gene interactions in cancer etiology. Investigators at all levels of their careers work collaboratively to bring together the scientific disciplines needed to conduct these studies. This environment is exciting and productive, and presents extraordinary opportunities for young scientists who are launching their research careers.

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