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Office of Latin American Cancer Program Development
Office of Latin American Cancer Program Development

Created in March 2008 to advance cancer research and research capacity in Latin American countries.

In efforts to address the increasing cancer incidence and mortality worldwide, the National Cancer Institute and the Fogarty International Center (FIC) 1 in partnership created the Office of Latin American Cancer Program Development (OLACPD).  The OLACPD Strategic Plan 2 details the status of cancer and cancer research in Latin America and defines the approach and strategies that will be utilized. This pilot program will strive to:

  • Increase the capacity of these countries to participate and collaborate in cancer research
  • Build exceptional clinical trials networks and advanced technology centers
  • Develop training programs

OLACPD will undertake a pilot initiative to advance relevant cancer research and training programs in five Latin American countries. This pilot will:

  • Cultivate partnerships with Latin American governments and researchers through their Ministries of  Health
  • Promote the development of multinational and multidisciplinary cancer research programs
  • Coordinate and facilitate the NCI's international research activities in Latin American countries
  • Build upon the existing and ongoing research training and capacity-building programs of the FIC

This landmark endeavor will contribute to expanding cancer knowledge and improving the delivery of state-of-the-art care to cancer patients in Latin America and around the globe.

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