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Database of Longitudinal Studies

In 2003, the National Institute on Aging (NIA) established the Longitudinal Data on Aging (LDA) working group to assist with the development of research initiatives for identifying the physiologic and other types of factors across the lifespan, affecting onset and progression of disease with advancing age, as well as elucidation of protective factors contributing to exceptionally healthy aging.  This database was developed based on input from the LDA working group which indicated that establishing a database of existing sources of longitudinal data on aging (e.g., ongoing longitudinal cohorts, longitudinal data sets, biospecimen repositories) would be a valuable resource for facilitating future research on aging changes across the lifespan.  The longitudinal studies, data sets and repositories included in this database encompass a wide range of age groups (childhood to old age), studies in minority populations, as well as sources of longitudinal data existing in the United States and abroad.  Our primary purpose for establishing this database is to provide a resource for potential applicants for grants to the NIA.  No part of this database can be used for commercial purposes.

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Searching the database
This online searchable database enables you to first select the gender, age-group of interest to you and to further refine your search using multiple keywords (i.e., Boolean AND/OR commands).  The Boolean AND command is used in order to require that all search terms be present in this database. It can also be described as a Match All search. The Boolean OR command is used in order to allow any of the specified search terms to be present in this database. It can also be described as a Match Any search. Please refer to the links above  for  a list of keywords that were used to construct this database.  We hope that you will find this searchable database to be user-friendly. 
The NIA would like to thank the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, Division on Aging and Seniors, for granting us permission to use materials from the CIHR database of Longitudinal Studies on Aging in the development of the NIA database.
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