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Selected Publications

Matrix Biology Group

  1. Garantziotis S, Howell DN, McAdams HP, Davis RD, Henshaw NG, Palmer SM. Influenza pneumonia in lung transplant recipients: clinical features and association with bronchiolitis obliterans syndrome. Chest 2001; 119: 1277-80. [Abstract] ( Exit NIEHS
  2. Garantziotis S, Bhalla KS, Long GD, Vredenburgh JJ, Folz RJ. Fatal re-expansion pulmonary edema associated with increase lung IL-8 levels following high-dose chemotherapy and autologous stem-cell transplant. Respiration 2002; 69: 351-354. [Abstract] ( Exit NIEHS
  3. Wencker D, Chandra M, Nguyen K, Miao W, Garantziotis S, et al. A mechanistic role for cardiac myocyte apoptosis in heart failure. J Clin Invest. 2003; 111(10):1497-504. [Abstract] ( Exit NIEHS
  4. Tilkeridis C, Bei T, Garantziotis S, Stratakis CA. Association of a COL1A1 polymorphism with lumbar disc disease in young military recruits. J Med Genet 2005; 42:e44. [Abstract] ( Exit NIEHS
  5. Garantziotis S, Brass DM, Savov J, Hollingsworth JW, McElvania-Tekippe E, et al. Leukocyte-derived Interleukin-10 Reduces Subepithelial Fibrosis Associated with Chronically Inhaled Endotoxin. Am J Respir Cell Mol Biol. 2006; 35: 662-667. [Abstract] ( Exit NIEHS
  6. Brass DM, Hollingsworth JW, McElvania-Tekippe E, Garantziotis S, Hossain I, Schwartz DA. CD14 is an essential mediator of LPS induced airway disease. Am J Physiol Lung Cell Mol Physiol. 2007 293(1):L77-83. [Abstract] ( Exit NIEHS
  7. Hollingsworth JW, Li Z, Brass DM, Garantziotis S, Timberlake SH, Kim A, Hossain I, Savani RC, Schwartz DA. CD44 regulates macrophage recruitment to the lung in lipopolysaccharide-induced airway disease. Am J Respir Cell Mol Biol 2007;37(2):248-53. [Abstract] ( Exit NIEHS
  8. Garantziotis S, Hollingsworth JW, Ghanayem R, Timberlake S, Zhuo L, Kimata K, Schwartz DA. Inter-alpha-trypsin inhibitor blocks complement activation and attenuates complement-induced lung injury. J Immunol 2007; 179(6):4187-92. [Abstract] ( Exit NIEHS
  9. Hollingsworth JW, Maruoka S, Li Z, Potts EN, Brass DM, Garantziotis S, Fong A, Foster WM, Schwartz DA. Ambient ozone primes pulmonary innate immunity in mice. J Immunol. 2007;179(7):4367-75. [Abstract] ( Exit NIEHS
  10. Reams BD, Musselwhite LW, Zaas DW, Steele MP, Garantziotis S, Eu PC, Snyder LD, Curl J, Lin SS, Davis RD, Palmer SM. Alemtuzumab in the treatment of refractory acute rejection and bronchiolitis obliterans syndrome after human lung transplantation. Am J Transplant 2007;7(12):2802-8. [Abstract] ( Exit NIEHS
  11. Garantziotis S, Palmer SM, Snyder LD, Ganous T, Chen BJ, Wang T, et al. Alloimmune lund injury induced by local innate immune activation through inhaled lipopolysaccaride. Transplantation 2007; 84:1012-1019. [Abstract] ( Exit NIEHS
  12. Garantziotis S, Li Z, Kimata K, Zhuo L, Potts EN, et al. The role of hyaluronan in ozone-induced airway hyperresponsiveness (submitted).
  13. Hollingsworth JW, Maruoka S, Boon K, Garantziotis S, Li Z, Tomfohr J, et al. In utero supplementation with methyl-donor enhances allergic airway disease (in revision).
  14. Marraccini P, Brass DM , Hollingsworth JW, Maruoka S, Garantziotis S, Schwartz DA. Bakery flour dust exposure enhances non-allergic and allergic airway inflammation in mice (in revision).
  15. Li Z, Garantziotis S, Jia W, Potts E, Liu Z, Foster WM, He Y, Hollingsworth JW. Mindin regulates pulmonary eosinophil recruitment in allergic asthma (submitted).
  16. Garantziotis S, Hollingsworth JW, Ghanayem RB, Timberlake S, Zhuo L, Kimata K, Schwartz DA. Inter-alpha-trypsin inhibitor attenuates complement activation and complement-induced lung injury. Journal of immunology (Baltimore, Md.: 1950) 2007 179(6):4187-4192. [Abstract] ( Exit NIEHS

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