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Genetic Alterations in Cancer (GAC)

The NIEHS Genetic Alterations in Cancer (GAC) knowledgebase is a comprehensive collection of data compiled from studies reported in the published literature on genetic alterations in tumors associated with exposure to specific chemical, physical, or biological agents that can be linked to genes implicated in the development of cancers.

  • When using information from the database please cite:

    Jackson, MA, Lea, I, Rashid, A, Peddada, SD, and Dunnick, JK. "Genetic Alterations in Cancer Knowledge System: Analysis of gene mutations in mouse and human liver and lung tumors," Toxicological Sciences. 90(2):400-418, 2006.

Results summarized in tables and graphicAccess to published resultsGAC provides access to data from peer reviewed journals for hundreds of studies of gene mutations, loss of heterozygosity, and/or chromosome changes in tumors from humans, mice, or rats.

Results are summarized in tables and graphic profiles that show the incidence (percent) of tumors with alterations in each gene that has been studied.

Detailed data tables display results for each subject studied in the cited reference and the reference ID is hyperlinked to its PubMed abstract for more information.

Access to published resultsA mutation spectrum for individual genes and links to gene information from The Cancer Genome Anatomy Project and the Rat Genome Database are also provided.

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