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Tutorials & Reviews

People Doing Science: Research Neuropathologist (Grades 9-12) - Mary Herman looks for the structural changes in the brain that cause schizophrenia and other serious mental disorders. (ARCHIVE: JANUARY 10, 1999) (Office of Science Education)
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People Doing Science: Serious Researcher, Amateur Naturalist (Grades 9-12) - Clifton Barry's "real work" is deadly serious: he looks for new ways to battle tuberculosis, a dreaded disease making an unfortunate comeback. But whenever he gets teh chance, he indulges his penchant for directly observing the natural world. (ARCHIVE: JUNE 1, 1999) (Office of Science Education)
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People Doing Science: Rock'n Roll Researcher (Grades 9-12) - Who says scientists are dull? Ellie Carson is a researcher in a cancer research lab at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, where she tries to understand what makes good cells go bad. But she also is the lead singer of a Baltimore rock band, Wild Type. (ARCHIVE: NOVEMBER 4, 1998) (Office of Science Education)
People Doing Science: A Man With A Mission (Grades 9-12) - When Jose Vargas immigrated to the U.S. from the Dominican Republic in the eighth grade, he spoke virtually no English. Now, after a stint as an NIH undergraduate research fellow, he's off to Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar, then on to a career in medicine. (ARCHIVE: NOVEMBER 3, 1998) (Office of Science Education)
People Doing Science: Genetic Counselor (Grades 9-12) - Doing genetic testing is the easy part. Helping people understand what the results mean, and helping them to cope with the implications, can be very, very hard. For genetic counselor Barb Biesecker, that challenge makes her job worth doing. (ARCHIVE: OCTOBER 20, 1998) (Office of Science Education)
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People Doing Science: Historian of Science (Grades 9-12) - Scientific knowlege is not found on tablets handed down from on high. Instead, scientists have to use the tools and ideas they have on hand to move science forward. Victoria Harden studies the rich history of how science grows. (ARCHIVE: OCTOBER 19, 1998) (Office of Science Education)
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People Doing Science: The First Woman Doctor (Grades 9-12) - To be the first woman to graduate from medical school in the United States, Elizabeth Blackwell had to be brilliant, diplomatic, tenacious, and tough as nails. (ARCHIVE: OCTOBER 16, 1998) (Office of Science Education)
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People Doing Science: Women's Health Dynamo (Grades 9-12) - As director of the Office of Research on Women's Health at the National Institutes of Health, pathologist Vivian Pinn is the government's point person on women's health. Her job it to make sure that the right research gets done to protect the health of women. (ARCHIVE: JANUARY 1, 1997) (Office of Science Education)
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Stories of Discovery: Animal Parts - Learning the Tricks (Grades 9-12) - People have dreamed of using animal organs and tissues to cure human disease for a very long time. Now researchers are starting to make that dream a reality. Here's how we got there. (ARCHIVE: April 26, 1999) (Office of Science Education)
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Stories of Discovery: Hib Vaccine (Grades 9-12) - Vaccines are among the most powerful disease prevention tools we have. But they don't just pop out of thin air. Here is the story of a new vaccine that has stopped the child-killing bacterium Haemophilus influenzae in its tracks. (ARCHIVE: April 23, 1999) (Office of Science Education)
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