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Various Resources

Laboratory of Molecular Genetics

Trainee Action Committee

The LMG Trainee Action Committee (TAC) sponsors a speakers program and the annual LMG retreat. Please consult the current chairperson for details.

TAC Chairpersons

Month Chairperson
August 2008 Libertad García Villada
September 2008 Rajesh Kasiviswanathan
October 2008 Kathleen Richter
November 2008 Amy Abdulovic
December 2008 Yong Yang
January 2009 Jana Stone
February 2009 Brian Chorley
March 2009 Deepti Dwivedi
April 2009 Robert Fedic
May 2009 Libertad García Villada
June 2009 Rajesh Kasiviswanathan
July 2009 Kathleen Richter
August 2009 Jana Stone
September 2009 Yong Yang
October 2009 Amy Abdulovic
November 2009 Brian Chorley
December 2009 Deepti Dwivedi

TAC-Sponsored Seminars

Date Presenter Affiliation Topic
December 8, 2008 Jef Boeke Johns Hopkins Med Retrotransposition
January 5, 2009 Susan Rosenberg Baylor Med  
March 9, 2009 Roger Woodgate NIH (Bethesda) TLS DNA polymerases
March 30, 2009 Daniel Bogenhagen SUNY Stony Brook Mitochondrial DNA
April 27, 2009 Nina Papavasiliou Rockefeller U Somatic hypermutation
May 18, 2009 Christophe Herman Baylor Med Heritable epigenetic errors

LMG Seminar Series

The LMG Seminar Series occurs on Wednesdays at 12:10 P.M. in Room D-350. Please see the following list for details.
This listing was last updated: January 30, 2009.

Date Presenter Topic
February 4, 2009 Mark Itsko E. coli dGTP triphosphohydrolase: a role in thymine salvage?
February 11, 2009 Matthew Longley Mitochondrial DNA replication proteins
February 18, 2009 Jim Westmoreland Endgames
February 25, 2009 Scott Lujan Pol δ and DNA mismatch repair
March 4, 2009 Senyene Hunter Insights into mitochondrial DNA repair
March 11, 2009   Open
March 18, 2009 Maria Shatz The p53 functional network
March 25, 2009 Mike Murray Surface mutations affecting Pol λ fidelity
April 1, 2009 Danielle Watt Fidelities of Pols δ and ε on templates containing RNA

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