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A Message from the Lab Chief

I hope that you will find the site both informative and interesting, with overviews of LMC scientific endeavors. As with all laboratories or departments within the Division of Intramural Research (DIR), LMC is committed to the mission of the NIEHS and its goal to improve human health. Our focus is on cancer and the research ranges from the very basic or fundamental, such as the role of chromatin and epigenetics, to investigating molecular therapeutics and translational and clinical studies of gene-environment interactions in cancer. The scientists within LMC use a broad range of approaches and techniques to understand the molecular mechanisms that underlie the carcinogenic process. As you navigate this Web site you will have an opportunity to read some of this original research as well as gain an appreciation of additional activities such as the LMC Seminar Series, LMC Calendar of Events and links to other NIEHS and NIH Web sites.

Trevor K Archer, Ph.D.

LMC Group 2007

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Calendar of Events

For more on the LMC Journal Club and Seminar Series, see below.

Journal Clubs


The LMC journal club has been established to foster scientific discussion on the most recent science publications of interest to the laboratory. All members are invited to pick, present and lead a discussion on a recent journal article.

Notes to Participants

The 2008-2009 journal club meeting dates and locations are listed below. All meetings will be held at 12:00 noon unless notified otherwise. Anyone in the LMC is welcome to present, including fellows, biologists and principle investigators. Anyone interested in leading a discussion should contact Sophie Bolick at (919) 541-0235 or by email at (

Some Guidelines

We ask that a PDF file of the article to be discussed be emailed to the organizer for distribution at least 7 days prior to leading the meeting. We also ask if a speaker must cancel their discussion that reasonable notice be given so that the organizer can locate a substitute or rearrange the schedule.

2008 Meeting Dates Room
10/09/2008 Sophie Bolik D350
10/31/2008 Gil Dos Santos D450
11/13/2008 Valerie Davis Exec. Con. Room
12/11/2008 TBA Exec. Con. Room
2009 Meeting Dates Room
1/08/2009 TBA Exec. Con. Room
1/30/2009 Patrick Brandt Exec. Con. Room
2/12/2009 Ajeet Singh Exec. Con. Room
2/27/2009 Xingya Wang Exec. Con. Room
3/12/2009 Jennifer Sims Exec. Con. Room
3/27/2009 Anne Lai Exec. Con. Room
4/09/2009 Jeff Sunman Exec. Con. Room
4/24/2009 Dan Gilchrist Exec. Con. Room
5/14/2009 Hiroki Yoshioka Exec. Con. Room
5/29/2009 TBA Exec. Con. Room

Please be aware the schedule is subject to change. Scheduled dates as well as speaker will be updated on the Web site so stay tuned for journal club news.

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2007 LMC Retreat

September 24-26
Keynote Speaker Dr Ken Zaret, Fox Chase Cancer Center

2006 LMC Retreat

September 18-20
Keynote Speaker Dr. Jerry Workman, Stowers Institute

Laboratory of Molecular Carcinogenesis
Seminar Series Schedule
2008 - 2009

Tuesdays at 3:00 P.M., D450 Conference Room

September 16 Dr. Trevor Archer, LMC
Chief, LMC
Title: “Chromatin Remodeling by Nuclear Receptors and Perhaps a Bit More?”
September 23 Dr. Jennifer Adair
Postdoctoral Fellow, Metastasis Group, LMC
Host: Dr. John Roberts
September 30 Dr. Karen Adelman
Tenure-Track Investigator
Transcriptional Responses to the Environment Group, LMC
Title: “Dynamic Interations Between Stalled Polymerase and Promoter-Proximal Nucleosomes”
Host: Dr. Trevor Archer
October 7 Dr. Darryle Zeldin

Host — Trevor Archer
October 14 Distinguished Lecture Series — No LMC Seminar
October 21 Dr. John Roberts, Host-Trevor Archer
October 28 Dr. Tony Ip
Program in Molecular Medicine
University Mass Medical School
Worcester, MA
Title: “Intestinal Stem Cell and Innate Immunity in Drosophila”
Host: Dr. Karen Adelman
November 4 Distinguished Lecture Series — No LMC Seminar
November 11 HOLIDAY
November 18 Dr. Inez Rogatsky
Weill Medical College of Cornell
Host: Dr. Karen Adelman
November 25 Thanksgiving Holiday
December 2 Dr. Carol A. Otey
Dept. of Cell and Molecular Physiology, UNC
Chapel Hill, NC
Host: Dr. John Roberts
December 9 Distinguished Lecture Series — No LMC Seminar
December 16 Dr. Scott Lucia, Univ of Colorado Tentative Host-Tom Eling
December 23 HOLIDAY
December 30 HOLIDAY
January 6 Dr. Thomas Eling
Senior Investigator, Eicosanoid Biochemistry Group, LMC
Title: NAG-1infllamtion and cancer
Host: Dr. Trevor Archer
January 13 Distinguished Lecture Series — No LMC Seminar
January 20  
January 27 Dr. Jeremy Boss, Dept of Microbiology and Immunology,
Emory University School of Medicine. Host Paul Wade
February 3  
February 10 Distinguished Lecture Series
February 17  
February 24 Dr. Traci Hall Host-Tom Eling
March 3 Dr. John Denu, University of Wisconsin Host Dr. Wade
March 10 Distinguished Lecture Series
March 17 SOT Meeting March 15-19. Baltimore, Maryland
March 24 Dr. Lee Kraus, Cornell University, LMC Post-doctoral fellows
March 31  
April 7  
April 14 Distinguished Lecture Series
April 21 AACR Meeting Denver April 18-22 and Experimental Biology, New Orleans
April 28  
May 5 Dr. Imad Shureiqi, M.D. Anderson Cancer Center Houston, TX
Chromatin modification and 15-LOX-1 expression. Host-Tom Eling
May 12 Distinguished Lecture Series
May 19 Dr. Rebecca Morris
University of Minnesota, Hormel Institute/Host Dr. Langenbach

May 26  
June 1  
June 9 Distinguished Lecture Series

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