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LST Seminar Series


November 19, 2007 Dr. Rob Tarran UNC Chapel Hill Dr. Shears 17beta-Estradiol Inhibits Calcium-Dependent Airway Surface Liquid Volume Homeostasis in Cystic Fibrosis Airways
November 26, 2007        
December 3, 2007 Dr. Fred Lamb University of Iowa Dr. Shears The Cl-/H+ antiporter ClC-3 is required for activation of Nox1 by cytokines
December 10, 2007 Dr. James Putney NIEHS Dr. Cidlowski Stim, Orai, TRPC Update
December 17, 2007 Dr. William Marzluff UNC Chapel Hill Dr. Blackshear Novel postranscriptional pathways coordinating histone mRNA metabolism and DNA replication
January 7, 2008 Dr. Victoria Bolotina Boston University Dr. Putney SOCEplex
January 14, 2008 Dr. A. E. Thompson Mayo Clinic, Jacksonville Dr. Cidlowski Lipid Signaling in Cancer
January 28, 2008 Dr. Steve Shears NIEHS Dr. Cidlowski The Regulation of Inositol Phosphate Kinases: A Cell-Signaling Paradigm Playing Hooky
February 4, 2008 Dr.Rosa. Coleman UNC Chapel Hill Dr. Li Triacylglycerol biosynthesis: novel signals that link obesity and insulin resistance
February 11, 2008 Dr. Perry Blackshear NIEHS Dr. Cidlowski Developmental roles of Tis11, a TTP family member in Drosophila
February 25, 2008 Dr. Tish Murphy NHLBI Dr. Cidlowski The role of mitochondria in cardioprotection
March 3, 2008 Dr. Todd Lamitini University of Pennsylvania Dr. Cidlowski Environmentally conscious worms; Comparative Analysis of Environmental Stress Signaling Mechanisms in the nematode C. elegans
March 10, 2008 Dr. Tracy Hall NIEHS   Designing and probing RNA sequence specificity ¬†of PUF proteins
March 17, 2008 Dr. Myriam Gorospe NIH Dr. Li Regulation of RNA-binding protein HuR through phosphorylation
March 24, 2008 Dr. Suresh Joseph Thomas Jefferson University Dr. Putney Structure, Function and Regulation of Inositol Trisphosphate Receptors
March 31, 2008 Dr. John Pritchard NIEHS Dr. Cidlowski  
April 4, 2008 Dr. Carlo Riccardi University of Perugia, Italy Dr. Cidlowski Glucocorticoid Induced Leucine Zipper (GILZ) in the regulation of cell growth
April 7, 2008 Dr. John York Duke University Dr. Blackshear  
April 14, 2008 Dr. Jiandie Lin University of Michigan Dr. Li Decoding the PGC-1 transcriptional network through genome-wide coactivation analysis
April 21, 2008 Dr. Mark Lemmon University of Pennsylvania Dr. Shears  
April 28, 2008 Robert Schleimer Northwestern University Dr. Cidlowski  
May 5, 2008 Michael Garabedian New York University Dr. Cidlowski The Ins and Outs of Transcriptional Regulation by the Glucocorticoid Receptor
May 12, 2008 Dr. Xiaoling Li NIEHS Dr. Cidlowski  
May 19, 2008 Dr.Donald McDonald Duke University Dr. Cidlowski  
June2, 2008 Dr. Zefeng Wang UNC Chapel Hill    
June 9, 2008 Dr. Carl Bortner NIEHS Dr. Cidlowski  
June 16, 2008        
June 23, 2008        
June 30, 2008 Dr. John Cidlowski NIEHS Dr. Putney  

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