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Scientific Review Administrator Responsibilities

Scientific Review Administrators (SRAs) are health science administrators who play a pivotal role in identifying the most meritorious scientific research for support using federal resources. They are responsible for the initial scientific and technical merit review of grant applications and contract proposals submitted to the NIH. The SRA identifies the mix of expertise required for the review of applications and proposals and interprets and implements PHS/NIH policies governing the review. The individual serving in this capacity must have a comprehensive knowledge of the diverse and complex award mechanisms, understand the critical need to avoid conflicts of interest, and have the ability to exercise objectivity and fairness to applicants. To set up the appropriate review panels to evaluate applications in the context of the initiative and IC/NIH missions, the SRA's responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • selecting consultants with the appropriate expertise;
  • orienting the review panels to applicable policies and procedures; and
  • documenting a summary of the deliberations and recommendations of the review panel.

In selecting SRAs, NIH takes into consideration such factors as

  • training and experience in specific scientific areas relevant to the mission of the NIH;
  • knowledge of Federal Grants and contracts review policies and procedures;
  • skill in leading groups with diverse professional backgrounds; and
  • ability to communicate complex scientific technical or procedural information.

The SRA works with the Program Officer and the Grants Management staff in the planning of the scientific review meeting, providing guidance to the reviewers and interpreting policies at the review meeting.

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