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2004 News Releases

10 Dec 2004: New Study Links Lead Exposure with Increased Risk of Cataract
16 Nov 2004: Research with Red Tide Toxin Yields Potential Therapies for Cystic Fibrosis
15 Nov 2004: To Help Fight Disease NIEHS to Develop New RNAi Library
04 Nov 2004: $2.8 Million Public-Private Partnership to Examine How Surroundings Can Encourage Active Lifestyles
25 Oct 2004: Researchers Identify Brain Protein That Halts Progression of Alzheimer's
25 Oct 2004: New Center to Map DNA of Key Lab Mice
21 Oct 2004: Pediatricians Need More Training on Environmental Health
18 Oct 2004: Sister Study Opens Nationwide 50,000 Sisters of Women with Breast Cancer Needed to Help Find Causes of the Disease
10 Sep 2004: Researchers Report New Gene Test for Isolated Cleft Lip and Palate
08 Sep 2004: New Research Shows Air Pollution Can Reduce Children's Lung Function
08 Sep 2004: Customized Program Reduces Asthma Symptoms in Inner-City Children
08 Sep 2004: New Research Suggests Link Between Maternal Diet and Childhood Leukemia Risk
07 Jul 2004: New Children's Environmental Health Center at Harvard School Of Public Health Will Address Exposures of Tar Creek Residents
06 Jul 2004: National Study Shows Dog and Cat Allergens Are Universally Present in U.S. Homes
13 Jun 2004: New Study of New York City Residents Shows That Newborns Are More Susceptible to DNA Damage from Pollution than Their Mothers
08 Jun 2004: National Study Shows 82 Percent of U.S. Homes Have Mouse Allergens
10 May 2004: Panel to Decide If Acrylamide Has Reproductive, Developmental Risks
03 May 2004: Breastfeeding Decreases Infant Mortality
03 May 2004: New Research Outlines Public Health Consequences of World Trade Center Disaster
22 Apr 2004: Four New Research Centers to Explore Link between Oceans and Human Health
12 Apr 2004: Earth Day: Breaking the Mold, Toxic Mold
26 Mar 2004: Women Sustaining the American Spirit: Business Leader of the Year to Talk at NIEHS
23 Mar 2004: First Human Study to Show Benefits to Newborns from Federal Ban on Home Use of Two Insecticides
15 Mar 2004: Study Shows Effects of Prenatal Exposure to Second-Hand Smoke Greater for Socioeconomically Disadvantaged Children
15 Mar 2004: NIEHS/NTP Director Dr. Kenneth Olden Receives Society of Toxicology's Public Communications Award
04 Mar 2004: Florida, Arizona, Missouri and Rhode Island Chosen to Kick Off Recruitment of Sisters of Women with Breast Cancer in Landmark Search for Its Causes
12 Jan 2004: NIEHS and UNC to Collaborate on Registry of 20,000 Subjectsto Relate Gene Variants and Environmental Disease Department of Health & Human Services National Institutes of Health
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