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1997 News Releases

15 Dec 1997: NIEHS Establishes an Environmental Health Information Service on Internet; Includes Journal, Supplements, Toxicology Data
05 Dec 1997: Cosmetics and Shampoo Ingredients and Wood Preservative Toxicity Study Reports to Be Reviewed by NTP Committee
03 Dec 1997: Institute Asks Johnston County Parents to Help in Study of What May Cause Kids to Be Hyperactive
24 Nov 1997: CDC and NIH Join in Testing Exposure of Americans to Environmental Estrogens and Other Chemicals
24 Nov 1997: Reanalysis of International Data Finds Sharp Decline in Sperm Density
19 Nov 1997: Genetic Variation for Enzyme in Lung May Point to Cancer Susceptibility Gene, Mechanisms That May Cause Cancer
18 Nov 1997: Why are the Frogs Malformed? -- Parasites, Pesticides and/or UV? Is There a Broader Problem for Human Health?
10 Nov 1997: 7-Year-Olds' Neurological Development Shows Delays from Methylmercury in Mothers' Diets during Pregnancy
01 Nov 1997: NIH Scientists Discover How Restricted Diets Slow Cancer; Advance Suggests a Drug Might Be Developed to Do the Same
31 Oct 1997: Panel Recommends That Saccharin Remain on U.S. List of Carcinogens
30 Oct 1997: NTP Advisory Group Makes Recommendations for 9th Report on Carcinogens
27 Oct 1997: NIEHS Booklet Spells Out Environmental Diseases from A to Z
27 Oct 1997: New Scientific Review of Saccharin to Be Discussed As Board Reviews Proposed Listings for 9th Report on Carcinogens>
10 Oct 1997: NIH Symposium to Outline and Discuss 'Environmental Genome' to Study Chemical Susceptibility
30 Sep 1997: New Findings on Deformed Frogs in Minnesota
25 Sep 1997: NIH Project to Characterize Pfiesteria Toxins and Explore Their Potential Danger to Humans
15 Sep 1997: NIH Seeks Nominations for "Environmental Genome" Project - A Study of Individual Susceptibility to Environmental Exposures
10 Sep 1997: Low Birthweight, Early Births Found Among Infants Near Hazardous Landfill
03 Sep 1997: HHS and EPA Move to Establish First-Ever Federal Research Centers to Protect Children's Health
18 Aug 1997: With Less Blood-Letting and Fewer 'Ouches' - Easier Way Found to Study Interactions of Genes, Environment
31 Jul 1997: Pfiesteria Research Grant
31 Jul 1997: NIEHS Shorcut Isolates and Clones BRCA2 Gene in Yeast; Success Leads to Establishment of Gene Isolation Unit
30 Jul 1997: NIEHS, CDC Fund Study of Fungus Fatal to Cleveland Infants
29 Jul 1997: NIEHS Names Perry Blackshear, Duke Physician, to Direct New Clinical Research Program
18 Jul 1997: New Federal Saccharin Review Planned; Could Lead to Removal from List of Carcinogens
17 Jul 1997: White House' Gibbons to Participate: Conference on Estrogens in the Environment IV
17 Jun 1997: Planned Studies of Water Disinfection By-Products to Begin, but NIEHS, EPA Scientists Advise Public Health 'Balance'
29 May 1997: Public Invited to Nominate for Carcinogen Report
29 Apr 1997: Journal Explores Hormones, Environment and Breast Cancer
26 Mar 1997: Smoking and Passive Smoke Linked to Rare Condition Which Starves Newborns of Oxygen
05 Mar 1997: NIEHS Researcher Breaks New Ground in the Fight against Breast Cancer
27 Feb 1997: Common Chemical Shows Estrogen-Like Action
24 Feb 1997: Three Mile Island Nuclear Accident Data Revisited
09 Jan 1997: Why Your Gas Pump Has a Collar: NIEHS Journal Supplement Details Benzene Toxicity
08 Jan 1997: Experimental Support for Link to 'Gator Abnormalities: Two Pesticides in Spill Shown to Block Natural Hormones
08 Jan 1997: NIEHS Finds Trio of Tests Can Quickly Screen for Estrogen-Like Activity in Environmental Chemicals Department of Health & Human Services National Institutes of Health
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