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2003 News Releases

09 Dec 2003: NIEHS, NTP Director Kenneth Olden to Receive Honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters from the College of Charleston at December Commencement
12 Nov 2003: NIEHS and American Public Health Association Sponsor Program Linking Built Environment and Public Health
15 Oct 2003: NIEHS Issues Additional Awards to Continue 9/11 Response for Workers and Residents Following WTC Disaster
14 Oct 2003: NIH-Funded Centers to Seek Early Environmental Exposures That May Lead to Breast Cancer
07 Oct 2003: NIEHS-Funded Researchers Find Low-Level Ozone Increases Respiratory Risk of Asthmatic Children
12 Sep 2003: NIH Funds Eight Centers for Population Health and Health Disparities
20 Aug 2003: NIEHS Study Identifies Gene for Hydrocephalus in Mice
29 Jul 2003: Olden to Step Down as Director of NIEHS and the National Toxicology Program
25 Jun 2003: Stony Brook Scientists Find No Evidence of Relationship between Breast Cancer and Electromagnetic Fields
23 Jun 2003: Study Finds Direction of Enzymes Affects DNA Repair
09 Jun 2003: Council Gives 1st Outstanding Achievement Award to NIEHS' Olden for Encouraging People of Color in Science
08 Jun 2003: Cadmium Studies Suggest New Pathway to Human Cancer
16 May 2003: NIEHS, NTP Director Kenneth Olden to Receive Honorary Doctorate in Science From University of Rochester at Commencement May 18
13 May 2003: NIH Awards Grants for Six New Autism Research Centers
01 May 2003: Agricultural Pesticide Use May Be Associated with Increased Risk of Prostate Cancer
21 Apr 2003: Twins, Close Brothers, Sisters Sought for Study of Causes of Rheumatic Diseases Such As Lupus, Sclerosis, Myopathy
16 Apr 2003: 'Environome' Studies Gain on Leukemia, Cardiovascular Disease
16 Apr 2003: Very Low Lead Levels Linked with IQ Deficits, according to NEJM Study
14 Apr 2003: NIEHS Reaches Important Milestone in Characterizing Genes That Influence Human Susceptibility to Environmentally Induced Diseases
31 Mar 2003: Accident in Animal Lab Raises Questions about a Chemical Used in Some Plastic
20 Mar 2003: Meeting: Gene-Environment Interaction in Health and Disease
05 Feb 2003: Major Symposium to Investigate Environmental Health Threats to Children and Opportunities to Translate Science into Protection Department of Health & Human Services National Institutes of Health
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