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caBIG: The Power of Connection

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Our future success in reducing and managing cancer in the U.S. rests on our ability to work together to address the disease in an integrated fashion. This includes working with experts in technology development, information management, basic science, translational and clinical research, and healthcare delivery. No one sector of the cancer community can bring about change in isolation.

As the leader of the National Cancer Program, NCI serves as the coordinator of diverse efforts and disciplines to effectively bring about better means of preventing, diagnosing, and treating cancer. Success depends on using everyone's skills and talents to develop and deliver new approaches to overcome this disease. NCI works to build partnerships with both the public and private sectors. We value collaborations with philanthropic and advocacy organizations that are on the leading edge of science, technology, and community networking. We want to combine the infrastructure of the government-supported research with the innovation of the private sector. Through productive partnerships, we will reach mutual goals, and patients will benefit.
Recruiting and Funding Scientists
Information about NCI programs to train scientists and fund science at over 650 universities and institutions across the U.S.

Centers of Excellence (Basic Research)
Three centers of excellence established by NCI's Intramural Research Program are leading new initiatives, projects, and collaborations that address chromosome biology, immunology, and HIV/AIDS and cancer virology.

Coordinating Center for Clinical Trials
Seeks to enhance the best of all the components of the NCI-supported clinical trials system to develop a cooperative enterprise built on a strong scientific infrastructure and a broadly engaged coalition of critical stakeholders.

cancer Biomedical Informatics Grid (caBIG) - Public Information Web Site
NCI is launching a 21st century information technology initiative that will transform the way cancer research is conducted. Information for the public and press about the creation of this network that will freely connect the entire cancer community is available here.

Partner with NCI
Links to resources that facilitate partnerships with the National Cancer Institute - for industry, health professional organizations, and consumers and advocates.

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