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NCCAM's Live Help Service

Get live, online assistance

  Live Help does not provide medical advice. To learn more about
Live Help, read the FAQ and see our Privacy Notice.
Monday-Friday 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET.

Live Help Service Notice
Live Help is a service from the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM). Information Specialists on Live Help can give you information about CAM. But they are not health care professionals and they cannot provide medical advice. Live Help is not a substitute for talking with a health care professional.

Live Help Privacy Notice
Live Help users are anonymous. We cannot identify you, but you should not enter any information that is private. Although NCCAM has taken measures to protect your privacy, we cannot guarantee the security of any information you send over the Internet. We will review records of Live Help sessions for purposes of quality control and evaluation.

Frequently Asked Questions about the NCCAM Live Help Service
Q: Is there really a person on the other end?
A: Yes. NCCAM's Live Help service is staffed by real people. By typing, you will have a live conversation with an Information Specialist.

Q: Who are the people on the other end?
A: They are Information Specialists with knowledge of NCCAM information, publications, Web sites, as well as other information about CAM and CAM-related resources.

Q: What kind of information is available through NCCAM's Live Help service?
A: Live Help Information Specialists can answer your questions about CAM and provide help in navigating the NCCAM Web site.

Q: Do the people on the other end know who I am?
A: No. NCCAM's Live Help Information Specialists will only know what Web page you were on when you clicked the Live Help button, and what you tell them during the session. They have no way of getting any other information about you. However, you should not provide any information that identifies you. Information sent over the Internet may not be secure.

Q: Can someone else on the Internet listen in?
A: No. The session is one-on-one only. NCCAM's Live Help Service is not a "chat room." In addition, your Live Help session is encrypted (similar to when you use a credit card on a Web page) for extra security.

Q: Do I need additional software to use NCCAM's Live Help Service?
A: No. Live Help works within the browser on your computer.

Q: Can I get a computer virus using NCCAM's Live Help Service?
A: No. Live Help can only send text and Web links to your computer, so it is impossible to send a virus.

Q: Can I get the same information by telephone?
A: Yes. Within the United States, our NCCAM Information Service, at 1-888-644-6226, is available to answer CAM-related questions Monday through Friday, from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET. From outside the United States call 301-519-3153.