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Managing Property
 •Changes To Property
 •Classifying and Recording Property
 •External Use of Property
 •Identification of Property
 •Internal Use of Property
 •Loans To Non-NIH Entities
 •Loss, Damage or Destruction of Property and Boards of Survey
 •Management Controls - Inventories
 •Property Pass & Personal Custody Receipt
 •Storing Property

Changes To Property
Changes to Property section that provides information on what to know about moving property and how to prepare for movement.  More...
Classifying and Recording Property
When it comes to classifying an item, the class code is determined by what the item is and not by a manufacturer's description of an item. Property Custodial Officers (PCOs) work from a standardized listing of items (i.e., computer monitor, computer personal, photocopier). All property classificatio  More...
External Use of Property
Information regarding External Use of Property outside of the NIH Community can be found in this section.  More...
Identification of Property
Accountable property is identified with an NIH decal that is a self-adhesive Mylar tag. The decal identifies the items as Property of NIH, Bethesda, MD and carries a unique bar coded and identical legible property number.  More...
Internal Use of Property
Internal Use of Property section for managing property.  More...
Loans To Non-NIH Entities
Loans to Non-NIH Entities and the explaination of what a domestic loan means inside of the Federal Government.  More...
Loss, Damage or Destruction of Property and Boards of Survey
The following is a summary of processes used to report the Loss, Damage and/or Destruction of Government Property.  More...
Management Controls - Inventories
A physical inventory is necessary to 1) verify the accuracy of records which reflect the status of personal property, 2) to reconcile with the property records with the fiscal records, 3) discover the need for additional safeguards to prevent misuse, theft, and other losses, and 4) disclose procedur  More...
Property Pass & Personal Custody Receipt
What is a property pass? You can learn more about this in the Property Pass and Personal Custody Receipt section.  More...
Storing Property
The Division of Personal Property Services offers storage services for IC owned property at the Gaithersburg Distribution Center ( GDC ). The GDC is located at 16050 Industrial Drive, Gaithersburg, MD. We store a variety of items including scientific equipment, furniture, and boxes of supplies. Ite  More...