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 •Announcements for NIH Stockroom Customers
 •Discontinued NIH form 232 Library Loan Request
 •NIH Central Stockroom Standing Orders
 •Pierce Document
 •Simplified Acquisitions

Announcements for NIH Stockroom Customers
Attention Stock Room Customers:  More...
Discontinued NIH form 232 Library Loan Request
Important Notice for September 11, 2003 regarding the NIH Library. Bldg 10, has requested that NIH form 232 Library Loan Request NSN 7530-00-L07-2930 be discontinued from the NIH Central Stockroom program.  More...
NIH Central Stockroom Standing Orders
Important Notice for September 22, 2003 regarding standing orders.  More...
Pierce Document
The attached document regarding PIERCE is in PDF format.   More...
Simplified Acquisitions