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Moving services are our specialty. Whether you need conference materials moved to hotels, your lab or office relocated, records or materials moved to federal storage, equipment picked up for shipping, repairs or crating, your moving team is here to assist you in any moving job--great or small. Our Relocation Team is available to help you with your moving needs Monday through Friday from 7:00 am to 4:45 pm . The Relocation Team provides a variety of different types of moving services.
 •General Moving Information
 •Types of Moves Performed
 •Pre-Move Considerations Questions
 •Move Scheduling and Fulfillment
 •Feedback and Contact Information

General Moving Information
What will we move? We will move almost anything but for general, lab and office moves we will not move the following -- systems furniture, chemicals, liquids, tanks, dry ice, fully loaded file cabinets, fully loaded refrigerators, fully loaded freezers.....  More...
Types of Moves Performed
What types of moving services do we provide? Our moving services include the following: Moving Conference Materials to Hotels – is a time sensitive service that we provide to ensure your meeting’s success. We transport boxes and other items to local meetings and conferences  More...
Pre-Move Considerations Questions
What do I need to consider when planning a move? What type of move (Link to types of moves above) is this? Where (address, building and room number) are you moving from? Where (address, building and room number) are you moving to? When do you plan to move?   More...
Move Scheduling and Fulfillment
How do I schedule a move? Carefully consider the Pre-Move Consideration Questions. Email your move request with the type of move and the answers to all of the relevant Pre-Move Consideration Questions. Be sure to include your name, phone, email address, institute and CAN   More...
Feedback and Contact Information
How can I provide feedback on the service that I received from the Relocation Team?  More...