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Division of Logistics Services

Acting Director, Lonnie Winley
6011 Executive Blvd/637F
Phone: 301- 496-4548

The Division of Logistics Services, comprised of Personal Property Services, Supply Services and Transportation Services, is responsible for

  1. managing all aspects of the NIH personal property (equipment asset management) program;
  2. maintaining a liaison with other Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) organizations including the Office of the Secretary to develop and recommend property policy, procedure, and operating matters including the resolution of audit reports;
  3. providing written policy and procedural guidance to NIH Institutes and Centers (ICs) regarding property accountability, physical and perpetual inventory; utilization, and disposal;
  4. disseminating, interpreting and carrying out Federal and Departmental regulations;
  5. consolidating NIH reporting requirements governing property management, including progress on GPRA goals and external property reports to GSA;
  6. analyzing, developing, and coordinating DHHS and NIH initiatives in property management;
  7. consolidating quarterly and annual DHHS logistics reports;
  8. maintaining liaison on property issues with the NIH community and represents NIH property services to the public, industry and other Governmental agencies;
  9. serving as NIH's central liaison on property matters involving the DHHS Office of Inspector General, the General Accounting Office, the DHHS Office of Audit, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and congressional members;
  10. conducting follow-up on the NIH property audits and reviews conducted by the OIG, GAO and other audit functions;
  11. monitoring NIH property Corrective Action Plans for CFO reports, internal and external management control assessments;
  12. formulating and monitors progress toward the satisfaction of GPRA goals;
  13. participating on task forces and property management studies;
  14. coordinating decentralized personal property management activities including IC property management evaluations;
  15. furnishing technical guidance to NIH Institutes and Centers, concerning property management;
  16. conducting NIH logistics Functional Reviews in the area of property;
  17. serving as liaison with IC property management staffs;
  18. maintaining the system integrity of the NIH property management system;
  19. administering Government property in the hands of NIH contractors, grantees and cooperative agreement recipients;
  20. receiving and consolidating reports of contractor-held Government property;
  21. approving and reviewing Contract Property Systems,
  22. serving as the NIH liaison with other Contract Property Administration agencies;
  23. providing for the removal, storage, accountability, re-utilization and/or disposal of available un-required NIH Government property, including property acquired upon termination of research contracts and grants;
  24. reporting property no longer required by NIH to the General Services Administration as required by Federal and Department regulation;
  25. cooperating with GSA to streamline disposal efforts using, whenever possible, accelerated screening and sale procedures to dispose of NIH excess/surplus property;
  26. integrating supply chain processes including e-commerce, e-business, information technologies, warehousing and distribution channel management to enhance efficiencies and customer value;
  27. planning, implementing, and controlling the flow, storage, and distribution of supplies and services from their origin to their point of consumption to meet customers' requirements;
  28. writing NIH logistics policies and interpreting and implementing Federal and DHHS logistics regulations;
  29. providing supply chain and transportation management advice and assistance to customers including NIH components and other Federal Government organizations;
  30. serving as NIH's central liaison on logistics functions with the General Accounting Office, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, congressional members, other DHHS organizations (including the Office of the Secretary, Office of Inspector General, Office of Audit and the NIH community), the public, industry and other Government agencies;
  31. preparing and consolidating recurring and unique logistics reports;
  32. monitoring NIH Corrective Action Plans for CFO reports and internal management control assessments;
  33. participating on logistics task forces and management studies;
  34. responding to customer demand by managing supply operations including the NIH central supply system, warehouse and self-service stores;
  35. publishing the NIH supply catalog;
  36. managing, storing and distributing incoming freight in many different commodities including hazardous materials;
  37. acquiring and managing sedans, stations wagons, and vans for daily rental from the NIH motor pool;
  38. acquiring and managing dedicated vehicles leased to ICs;
  39. providing courier and driving services to ICs;
  40. managing the NIH moving service program which is responsible for the relocation of NIH offices and laboratories;
  41. managing and operating the NIH automotive vehicle maintenance program;
  42. managing outbound freight;
  43. receiving, monitoring, temporarily storing and ensuring customs clearance on international shipments;
  44. reviewing, monitoring, and evaluating all inbound and third party shipping invoices for ICs;
  45. managing the NIH Temporary Import Bond program;
  46. arranging for shipment of all types of freight to both foreign and domestic destinations, including material packaging;
  47. arranging transportation of household goods and personal effects for NIH civilian and commissioned officer employees under official transfer and assists with relocation services; and
  48. managing the receipt and delivery of controlled substances.

Personal Property Branch
Chief, Richard T. Fields
6011 Executive Blvd/639A
Phone: 301-402-6279

Property Administration Section
Chief, Richard T. Fields
6011 Executive Blvd/639A
Phone: 301-402-6279

Property Utilization Section
Acting Chief, Mike Zindel
16050 Industrial Drive
Gaithersburg, Maryland

Phone: 301-938-2725

Supply Management Branch
Acting Chief, Richard Trott
16050 Industrial Drive, Suite 310
Phone: 301-496-5744

Inventory Management Section
Chief, Melvin Rascoe
16050 Industrial Drive, Suite 310
Phone: 301-594-0646

Distribution Management Section
Chief, Charles E. Harris
16050 Industrial Drive, Suite 300
Phone: 301-435-6562

Transportation Services Branch
Chief, Richard Trott
Phone: 301-443-4566

Fleet Management Section
Chief, Mark Minnick
Building 12
Phone: 301-402-6768

Relocation Services Section
Chief, Steven Schneider
Building 13
Phone: 301-402-6805

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