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Government Vehicles
 •Agency Assigned Vehicles
 •Daily Use Rental Vehicle
 •Maintenance and Repair Services

Agency Assigned Vehicles
This is the Agency Assigned Vehicles section. There are several subsections: Pre-Purchase/Lease Considerations, Vehicle Ordering and Delivery/Pick up, Vehicle Usabe, Operation, Violations, Accidents, Insurance and Disposal, Temporary Vehicle Loaners, General Agency Ass  More...
Daily Use Rental Vehicle
This is the Short Term Vehicle Rental section. There are several subsections: General Vehicle Rental Information, Fees, Late Pick Ups and Cancellation, Vehicle Rental Ordering, Pick Up and Cancellation, Multiple Day Rentals and After Hours Return, Vehicle Operation Policies ..  More...
Maintenance and Repair Services
This is the Maintenance and Repair Services section. There are several sub sections: Fuel Pump Location, General Services, Fuels, Fueling and the Car Wash Program, Scheduled Maintenance and Repair – Preventive Maintenance Inspections(PMIs)...........  More...