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Papers Included in Dietary Guidelines: Surveillance Issues & Research Needs

The following papers were published in the Journal of Nutrition, Supplement I. The Dietary Guidelines: Surveillance Issues and Research Needs February 2001, Volume 131, Issue 2

Rachel Ballard-Barbash
Designing Surveillance Systems to Address Emerging Issues in Diet and Health
J. Nutr. 2001;131(2Suppl1):437-439. [Full Text]

Katherine M. Flegal, Richard P. Troiano, and Rachel Ballard-Barbash
Aim for a Healthy Weight: What Is the Target?
J. Nutr. 2001;131(2Suppl1):440-450. [Abstract] [Full Text]

Richard P. Troiano, Caroline A. Macera, and Rachel Ballard-Barbash
Be Physically Active Each Day. How Can We Know?
J. Nutr. 2001;131(2Suppl1):451-460. [Abstract] [Full Text]

Lori Beth Dixon, Frances J. Cronin, and Susan M. Krebs-Smith
Let the Pyramid Guide Your Food Choices: Capturing the Total Diet Concept
J. Nutr. 2001;131(2Suppl1):461-472. . [Abstract] [Full Text]

Linda S. Kantor, Jayachandran N. Variyam, Jane E. Allshouse, Judith J. Putnam, and Biing-Hwan Lin
Choose a Variety of Grains Daily, Expecially Whole Grains: A Challenge for Consumers
J. Nutr. 2001;131(2Suppl1):473-486. [Abstract][Full Text]

Susan M. Krebs-Smith and Linda S. Kantor
Choose a Variety of Fruits and Vegetables Daily: Understanding the Complexities
J. Nutr. 2001;131(2Suppl1):487-501. [Abstract] [Full Text]

Catherine E. Woteki, Sandra L. Facinoli, and Danielle Schor
Keep Food Safe to Eat: Healthful Food Must Be Safe as Well as Nutritious
J. Nutr. 2001;131(2Suppl1):502-509. [Abstract] [Full Text]

Lori Beth Dixon and Nancy D. Ernst
Choose a Diet That Is Low in Saturated Fat and Cholesterol and Moderate in Total Fat: Subtle Changes to a Familiar Message
J. Nutr. 2001;131(2Suppl1):510-526[Abstract] [Full Text]

Susan M. Krebs-Smith
Chose Beverages and Foods to Moderate Your Intake of Sugars: Measurement Requires Quantification
J. Nutr. 2001;131(2Suppl1):527-535. [Abstract] [Full Text]

Catherine M. Loria, Eva Obarzanek, and Nancy D. Ernst
Choose and Prepare Foods with Less Salt: Dietary Advice for All Americans
J. Nutr. 2001;131(2Suppl1):536-551. [Abstract] [Full Text]

Mary C. Dufour
If You Drink Alcoholic Beverages Do So in Moderation: What Does This Mean?
J. Nutr. 2001;131(2Suppl1):552-561. [Abstract] [Full Text]

J. Nutr. 2001;131(2Suppl1):562. [Full Text]

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