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"NCI recognizes the extensive reach and influence of the advocacy community - as advisors, educators, fund raisers, and legislative activists. NCI's advocacy office coordinates several programs that provide cancer research advocates with meaningful opportunities to offer guidance and feedback on NCI's priorities and initiatives."
Former NCI Director Dr. Andrew von Eschenbach
mision & vision
Mission Statement

The NCI's Office of Advocacy Relations engages the advocacy and NCI communities in dialogue about cancer research opportunities and priorities in order to advance progress and improve outcomes.


  • Serves as the Institute's expert and central resource for advocacy matters.
  • Facilitates dynamic relationships and collaborations to promote mutual goals.
  • Disseminates information and fosters understanding of key cancer issues and priorities.
Values Statement
NCI understands that the ultimate consumers of cancer research are patients, their families and friends, and the many others affected by the disease.

NCI believes that consumers of cancer research should be involved in NCI’s programs and activities because their diverse perspectives enhance research and will ultimately improve outcomes.

NCI believes that relationships with cancer consumers should be inclusive, transparent, accountable and dynamic.