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ATTENTIONNotice of Deprecation
The NCI Terminology Browser is being retired

With the release of EVS 5.0 (tentatively scheduled for 2Q 2009), the EVS will be retiring applications supported by the Legacy caCORE 3.x technology. Among the applications that will be retired is the NCI Terminology Browser. We encourage you to begin using the NCI BioPortal ( for terminology browsing.

If you have questions or concerns about the retirement of the NCI Terminology Browser, or suggestions on a planned special-purpose browser for NCI Thesaurus, please email us at For details regarding retirement for the EVS 3.x technology, and for up-to-date schedules and plans, click here.

The NCI Terminology Browser* can be used to view and search the NCI Thesaurus and other biomedical vocabularies.  Select the vocabulary that you want to view by using the radio buttons below, and then click the "Connect" button.  See the Quick Start Guide to help you get going using the NCI Terminology Browser.

The NCI Thesaurus contains controlled terminology used at the NCI.  By default the NCI Terminology Browser displays the NCI Thesaurus, which is a product of the NCI's Enterprise Vocabulary Service, an effort of the NCI Center for Bioinformatics.  The NCI Thesaurus is an open content vocabulary that you are free to use with virtually no restrictions.  It is built so that both humans and computers can interpret it.  If you are interested in programming your systems to use the vocabularies available at the NCI, see the caCORE pages on the NCICB Website for a description of the API and license terms.


Please select a terminology
NCI_Thesaurus Published by NCI, this knowledgebase contains the working vocabulary used in NCI data systems. It covers clinical, translational and basic research as well as administrative terminology. For an explanation of the semantics and an overview of editorial policy governing this terminology see these documents. December 2008 (08.12d)

Other Terminologies:

GO GO Ontology, published by the Gene Ontology Consortium. November 2008
SNOMED_CT This product incorporates SNOMED Clinical Terms®. SNOMED is a registered trademark of the International Health Terminology Standards Development Organization®. 2008.01.7AC
MGED_Ontology The MGED Ontology, produced by the MGED Society. Concepts, definitions, terms, and resources for standardized description of a microarray experiment in support of MAGE v.1. The MGED ontology is divided into the MGED Core ontology which is intended to be stable and in synch with MAGE v.1; and the MGED Extended ontology which adds further associations and classes not found in MAGE v.1. 1.1.9
MedDRA MedDRA (Medical Dictionary for Regulatory Activities). International medical terminology developed under the auspices of the International Conference on Harmonization of Technical Requirements for Registration of Pharmaceuticals for Human Use (ICH). This online version of MedDRA is licensed by NCI for use within NCI. Users who are *NOT* NCI employees or contractors of NCI must obtain permission from the MedDRA MSSO before using MedDRA codes, terms or other content in their systems. Contact: MedDRA MSSO; 12011 Sunset Hill Road; Reston, VA 20190-3285; phone: 877-258-8280; e-mail:; 10.0
VA_NDFRT Published by the US Veterans' Administration. National Drug File RT covers clinical drugs used at the VA. Not yet approved for use in clinical systems. May 2008
LOINC Published by the The Regenstrief Institute, the Logical Observation Identifier Names and Codes covers clinical laboratory terminology. local 3MN (11.01.01)
HL7 Published by Health Level Seven, Inc. (HL7) to support message standards for the exchange and interoperability of electronic health records. Documentation V3 R2.0.7
Zebrafish A structured controlled vocabulary of the anatomy and development of the Zebrafish. 1.2
PRE_NCI_Thesaurus This is a snapshot of the development version of the NCI Thesaurus. It is ONLY intended to facilitate early review by our collaborators. It is NOT for use in any production application, and is sometimes shut down without warning. It has NOT been processed for editing history. It has NOT gone through quality control. It is NOT necessarily a release candidate for publication. In the Terminology Browser, the "Printable Page" and "History" features will NOT work with this version of the Thesaurus. December 2008 (08.12d)

NCI Terminology Browser
NCI Terminology Browser
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