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Dietary Guidelines:


Overview of Dietary Guidelines: Surveillance Issues & Research Needs

The 5th edition of Nutrition and Your Health: Dietary Guidelines for Americans was released in 2000. The Guidelines cover the traditional areas of foods and nutrients as well as diet-related areas of weight, physical activity, alcohol, and food safety. They are intended to guide policy in nutrition-related federal programs.

Soon after the Guidelines' release, Risk Factor Monitoring and Methods Branch staff, in collaboration with experts from other federal agencies, prepared a detailed analysis of each guideline. The papers reviewed available surveillance methods that are used to assess how well Americans are doing in meeting these nutritional goals. They also examined the data to provide a benchmark and identify gaps and limitations. Using the Dietary Guidelines as a framework for these analyses provided a way to discuss the interdisciplinary nature of diet-related research and allowed the surveillance data to be linked back to the guidance itself.

View the papers published as Supplement I of the February 2001 issue of The Journal of Nutrition.

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02 Apr 2007
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