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HEAL: Head-off Environmental Asthma in Louisiana

Participating in HEAL

Participants in the HEAL Project receive an examination for their child with asthma by a Pediatric Asthma Specialist, including allergy testing. The levels of mold and other indoor allergens are also measured in the homes of families that are enrolled into the research project. Asthma Counselors are available to families to assist with improving access to health care and safer home environments for their child with asthma. The HEAL Asthma Counselor works with families selected for the project to reduce asthma symptoms, understand the nature of asthma and identify appropriate resources and access to healthcare for asthma.

The HEAL Research Project has completed recruitment of children ages 4-12 with moderate to severe asthma. Children were recruited from schools and other venues in Orleans and neighboring Parishes through the cooperation of the state-run Recovery District Schools, charter schools, public schools, and parochial (Catholic) schools. Health care providers were also given information on how to refer children to the research project.

To learn more about HEAL, call 504-988-HEAL (504-988-4325).