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Physical Activity: Improving Assessment Methods

We also conduct and support methodologic research to evaluate and improve physical activity assessment. For example:

  • We are conducting cognitive research to better understand the information respondents provide when asked about their physical activity. We are exploring cultural differences in how concepts such as "leisure time," "vigorous activity," and "moderate activity" are interpreted.
  • We are supporting research in the ongoing Coronary Artery Risk Development in Young Adults (CARDIA) cohort to determine whether it is feasible to assess physical activity retrospectively over long time spans. Results from the CARDIA ancillary study will provide information on how well respondents can provide information about their physical activity in the distant past. We will also learn whether certain factors predict an individual's ability to provide a reliable report.
  • We developed the Standardized Surveys of Walking & Bicycling Database. This database contains survey questions and a list of validation studies for standardized survey questions concerning walking and biking from multiple national and international physical activity surveys and questionnaires (PAQs). The database provides easy access to a large number of questions assessing duration and frequency of walking and bicycling in the non-disabled adult population.

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23 May 2007
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