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Online Registration

Only Signing Officials can register their institutions with the NIH. Follow these directions to register your institution.

  1. Complete the online Institution Registration Form and click Submit. A screen appears with information about NIH registration and the institution data entered in the Registration form.
  2. Print the registration page, make any corrections and affix your signature as designated.
  3. Fax the registration page to the number at the top of the page.
  4. NIH will validate the information your institution submitted for approval and send a verification email to the Signing Official (SO).

  5. Reply to the verification e-mail.
  6. Upon receipt of the verification email, the NIH sets up your institution account, and sends an email to the SO with a link to a page showing their NIH institution name and associated information.

  7. Verify that all information is correct.
  8. Send confirmation response to this information and proceed.
  9. Receive email notification of registered SO account (userid/password) from the NIH.
  10. Create and maintain additional accounts for your institution staff.