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What's New on the Commons

Commons was released on April 25th and is now available.  Features of this release includes many performance upgrades and supports changes necessary for the May 2nd  rollout of Public Access Manuscript Submissions.    Additionally, 2.7.2 contains the features released last week, which include:

    • Closeout Submissions of Final Invention Statement and Final Progress Report through Status. 
    • Ability to disperse Meeting Materials in Internet Assisted Review
    • Display of Submission Errors within CGAP and soon submissions.

The NIH eRA Commons Demo Facility contains all the features of the NIH eRA Commons (exceptions are listed below) but in a sample data environment. To use the Demo Facility, you need to Create a Demo Account , which will create both a Signing Official (SO) and Principal Investigator account for you to use. In addition to creating these Accounts, the process creates a sample institution and a number of sample applications/grants for you to use in learning all the features of the NIH eRA Commons. Once you log in to your account, you can try all the features of the NIH eRA Commons.

Commons Login  Help for logging in to eRA Commons

System Notification 
Primary Features of Commons include:
Status - Allows Principal Investigators to review the current status of all their grant applications and review detailed information associated with their grants. Institution Officials (i.e., Signing Official (SO) or Administrative Official (AO) associated with the institution) can see a summary view of grant applications, review the Notice of Grant Award, and access the Progress Report face page.
eSNAP - Allows an institution to review non-competing grant data and submit a progress report online.
X-Train - Not currently available.
Internet Assisted Review (IAR) - Allows reviewer to submit critiques and preliminary scores for applications they are reviewing. Allows Reviewers, SRAs, and GTAs to view all critiques in preparation for a meeting. IAR creates a preliminary summary statement body containing submitted critiques for the SRA or GTA.
Financial Status Reports (FSR) - Allows electronic submission of financial information associated with a grant.
Administration - Provides the ability for an institution to create and manage user accounts associated with its institution. Additionally, it allows the institution's Signing Official (SO) to maintain the institution information on file at the NIH.

Demo Facility - Demo Facility allows you to try most of the capabilities of the NIH eRA Commons in a sample environment. 

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Very Important! When trying to contact the eRA Helpdesk make sure you are using the correct contact information. Many users have erroneously been contacting the NIH Helpdesk which does not support the eRA Commons. Our contact information is as follows: Web: Email: Phone: 301-402-7469/866-504-9552 (Toll Free) 301-451-5939 (TTY) Business hours M-F 7am-8pm EST. This will help us to help you better, thanks.