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I Policies & Guidelines

TCGA Human Subjects Protection and Data Access Policies:
The NCI and NHGRI have collaboratively developed policies and guidelines for TCGA with input from outside experts to assist in governing how investigators implement tissue and clinical data collections and access data for genomic studies.

Please click on the links below to learn more about TCGA Human Subjects Protection and Data Access policies and download policy and informed consent documents:

Overview of TCGA Human Subjects Protection and Data Access Policies

TCGA Human Subjects Protection and Data Access Policy Documents

TCGA Informed Consent Documents

TCGA Data Use Policy and Publication Guidelines:
To promote the responsible use of TCGA datasets, all investigators and their institutions seeking access must acknowledge their agreement with TCGA policies and procedures, which are described in TCGA Data Portal Data Use Certification.

In maintaining responsible data use practices for TCGA and using consistent publication practices as data becomes more readily available, TCGA’s leading experts have established TCGA data use policy and publications guide to provide guidance to investigators.

Responsible Use and Publication of Data

Publication Guidelines

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