2008 Combined Federal Campaign

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Promoting & Supporting Philanthropy through Programs that are Employed Focused!

Events & Photos
Here at NIH, you can leverage each $1 donated to bring food worth $5 to a family in need Find your Keyworker to donate >>
Or you can donate $25 each pay period to advance an exceedingly complex scientific discovery that will one day save lives Find your Keyworker to donate >>

CFC Halloween Party

$5 a payperiod can help this many kids    All Ages Participated    Group photo    Another scary guy!

Arrrrgghhh!    Best Character Costume - Fitness Dominatrix    Best Costumes for Scariest - Mr. Hyde and Old Man Time    Best Overall Costume - Finger Food!

Captain America saves the day    Definitely frightening!    Galloping around to keep warm!    Another group photo

Holiday Sparkle    Joker and Witch    Minnie Mouse    Most Creative Costume - Fannie Mae

Most Creative Costume - Nobel Prize Winner Dr. Marty Calfie    People learn about the charities    Pirates and Jokers and Witches Galore Plenty of Scooby Snacks to be found


Pocahantas and the Cowgirl    Spidey made it    Spongebob Squarepants    The judges confer

This Wicked Witch had a poisonous apple in her basket - among other things    Witch and Best Character Costume for Grumpy, Old Lady