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Bypass Budget

The Nation's Investment in Cancer Research

Each year, as mandated by the National Cancer Act of 1971 (P.L. 92-218), the National Cancer Institute (NCI) prepares a plan for building on research successes, supporting the cancer research workforce with the technologies and resources it needs, and ensuring that research discoveries are applied to improve human health.

This annual plan and budget proposal is provided directly to the President of the United States for formulating the budget request to Congress. This document is also used by NCI staff, the research community, professional organizations, advisory groups, as well as cancer information, education, and advocacy organizations, and public and private policy makers. It is our hope that this document will inspire all who read it to join the fight against cancer.

The NCI Office of Science Planning and Assessment (OSPA) provides leadership and guidance from plan development to production. Visit their site for more information.

Annual Plan & Budget Proposals

Annual Plan and Budget Proposals for each of the following fiscal years are also available online.

Please choose the year of interest.

Fiscal Year 2008
Fiscal Year 2007
Fiscal Year 2006
Fiscal Year 2005
Fiscal Year 2004
Fiscal Year 2003
Fiscal Year 2002
Fiscal Year 2001
Fiscal Year 2000
Fiscal Year 1999
Fiscal Year 1997/1998

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