2008 Combined Federal Campaign

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Promoting & Supporting Philanthropy through Programs that are Employed Focused!

Events & Photos
Here at NIH, you can leverage each $1 donated to bring food worth $5 to a family in need Find your Keyworker to donate >>
Or you can donate $25 each pay period to advance an exceedingly complex scientific discovery that will one day save lives Find your Keyworker to donate >>

CFC Rockledge Wii Event

A signed Redskins Brian Mitchell photo was one of the prizes    Al Whitley welcomes CFC supporters    Arrows mark the dance steps    CFC t-shirts were thrown into the audience!

Ledo Pizza serves CFC supporters    Electric Slide    NIHers learn more about the charities    Participants stand on the playstation ready to dance

   Play Station dancing and Wii bowling continue    Some played softball on the Wii    Staff enjoying the event    Steve Hazen and Sharon Abdullah draw names for prizes

   The CIT band entertained throughout the whole event    The CIT band rocked and rolled    More Electric Slide    Tickets are checked from the drawing