2008 Combined Federal Campaign

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Promoting & Supporting Philanthropy through Programs that are Employed Focused!

Campaign Worker's Resources
At NIH, you can donate $25 each pay period to advance an exceedingly complex scientific discovery that will one day save lives Find your Keyworker to donate >>

Promotional Signature Block

CFC Electronic Mail Signature

To let people know you are a CFC star use one of the CFC developed and formatted tagline blocks for inclusion in electronic mail. This can be easily copied to your Outlook signature block. See below for instructions.

To add the tag line to your signature block:

  • Select and copy the appropriate block of text above starting with “Your Name” and ending with …”Community”
  • In the main Outlook Inbox window (not a message window), select Options from the Tools menu
  • Click the Mail Format tab and then click the "Signatures..." button
  • Click the "Edit" button to edit the signature text which will be included in all your outgoing messages
  • If you have a signature block already set up, simply scroll to the bottom and paste the appropriate "CFC… Deputy Coordinator for (IC) Keyworker, or Supporter" tag line; if this is the first time you are setting up a signature block, type in your contact information and paste the tag line at the bottom
  • Click "OK" three times to exit all the way out of the Options dialogs

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