2008 Combined Federal Campaign

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Promoting & Supporting Philanthropy through Programs that are Employed Focused!

CFC Charities
At NIH you can designate $5-$25 each payday to save abused children Find your Keyworker to donate >>

CFC Charities

Your guide to CFC charities is the Catalog of Caring. It is available from your keyworker. If you have any problem obtaining a copy, contact your keyworker.

You can also access the Catalog online at http://www.cfcnca.org/?CatalogOfCaring.

The Catalog of Caring contains descriptions of over 3,000 charities. It is divided into three major sections: International Organizations, Local Organizations, and National/International Organizations. For each charity, in addition to the description, you will find:

  • a 5-digit numeric charity code (required for your pledge if you elect to designate a specific charity or charities);
  • the organization’s web site;
  • the portion (percentage) of an organization’s revenue that is used for administrative and fund-raising expenses; and
  • the alpha codes that indicate the organization's mission, services, and activities. (For example, “H” indicates Medical Research, and “O” Youth Development. See page 2 of the Catalog for all 26 codes.)

One cannot glance through the Catalog of Care without being moved by the charitable and compassionate goals of these organizations. Take the time to browse it with care.

If you have a specific charity in mind, there is an alphabetical listing at the end of the catalog.

Each charity has a cause that benefits our community, nation, or the world. Choose one as your own in 2008.

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