2008 Combined Federal Campaign

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Promoting & Supporting Philanthropy through Programs that are Employed Focused!

At NIH you can give $5-$10 each payday to rescue helpless pets Find your Keyworker to donate >>
Or you can give $10 each pay period to cover a family’s cost for a day of lodging in a disaster Find your Keyworker to donate >>

How to Donate

Each NIH staff person should receive from their keyworker:

  • 2008 Combined Federal Campaign Catalog of Caring. This publication contains the names of over 3000 charities (see Charities); and a
  • CFC pledge card.

If you have not received your 2008 Catalog or Pledge Card and do not know who your keyworker is, contact your IC’s Deputy Coordinator or Assistant Coordinator. The names of these individuals can be found under Contacts.

To donate you merely must complete your Pledge Card and give it to your keyworker.

Instructions for completing the Pledge Card are contained as a part of the Pledge Card form. To see an example of a completed card, see: Sample 2008 Pledge Card.

A few items contained in the instructions or otherwise deserving emphasis are these

  • All charities have NEW 5-DIGIT CODES. If you wish to ensure that your contribution gets to the charity or charities to which you want your gift to go, you must indicate the correct 5-digit code. These codes are in bold next to the names of the charities in the Catalog of Caring.
  • “Write-ins” of charities not found in the catalog are not allowed.
  • The CFC cannot provide tax advice, however beginning in 2007 all taxpayers need proper documentation for all charitable gifts. If giving by payroll deduction, be sure to keep the blue or employee copy of the Pledge Card. You will also need your year-end stub that shows the total amount withheld. (For additional detail, please read the “About Your Donation” and “FAQs” sections of the Pledge Card.)

Questions often arise in regard to indicating your Social Security number on your Pledge Card. If contributing by payroll deduction you must provide this information. Please note however that your Social Security number only appears in its entirety on the copy of your Pledge Card that goes to your payroll office.

Lastly, if your gift to the CFC represents 1 percent or 2 percent of your salary, be sure to initial those items on the Pledge Card. You will qualify, respectively, for the Eagle Award or Double Eagle Award.

If you have other questions, please consult your keyworker.

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