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Benedict Arnold

Famous People

Selected Portraits From the Collections
of the Library of Congress


Jeannette Rankin

Scope of the List and Related Tools

These images were selected to meet requests regularly received by the Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division. They include portraits of men and women of all nationalities and from all time periods (fictional and legendary characters are not included). Because the strength of the Prints and Photographs Division lies in historical images, few images dating later than the 1970s are included. In some cases, the images come from illustrations in books held by other units of the Library of Congress. Individuals are added to the list as demand for their images rises and suitable images are found in the collections. Also included in the list, in a few cases, are the names of individuals whose portraits have been frequently requested but for whom no suitable images have been found in the Division's holdings.

The list includes cross-references to portraits found on some of the Prints and Photographs Division's other online reference aids:

Additional images of some of the individuals on this list can be found by searching the Prints and Photographs Online Catalog.

This list is intended as a source of images of people, not as a source of biographical information about them. A list of online biographical tools can be found in "Alcove 9: An Annotated List of Reference Websites" (

Arrangement of the List

The images are arranged in alphabetical order by the surname of the individual (or the forename, if that is how they were known). A full list of names is also available, providing links to images of individuals on this and the above online reference aids.

The entry for each individual generally gives information found on the caption card used to catalog the corresponding negative for the image. Each entry also cites the reproduction number needed to order photographic reproductions, as well as the location of the image. The item found at that location may be an original or a reference copy.

Rights and Restrictions

The images are presented for educational and research purposes. Except where otherwise noted, the Library of Congress is unaware of any copyright or donor restrictions on the use of the images (in cases where permission from a rights holder is clearly required, links to jpeg and tiff files are not provided and only a small reference image appears). However, patrons who plan to publish or otherwise distribute any of the images should be aware that determination regarding the appropriate use of an image ultimately rests with the patron. The Library generally does not own rights to material in its collections. Therefore, it does not charge permission fees for use of such material and cannot give or deny permission for use of the images. For further information, see "Copyright and Other Restrictions ... Sources for Information."

Obtaining Copies

In most cases, links to jpeg and tiff images are included in the list, enabling users to download the images to their computer. (Links to jpeg and tiff files are not provided in cases where permission from a rights holder is clearly required; in such cases, only a small reference image appears.) Since the images have been digitized at different times and from different media, image resolution varies. There is no diagnostic page currently available to users to indicate the dots per inch of the images on the web site. Users must determine on their own whether the images are of appropriate quality for their application. When digital versions of the image are not of high enough quality for the application in question, photographic copies may be ordered through the Library of Congress Photoduplication Service. In requesting copies, the reproduction number should be cited, as well as a caption.

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Prepared by: Samuel V. Daniel III, Barbara O. Natanson, and P&P staff. Last revised: May 2000
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  April 30, 2004
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